Thursday, June 30, 2016

GIC of Annual Financial results 2015-16 ..

Press Meet news report, ET, 11 July, '16.
Yesterday sister Alice Vaidyan, CMD, GIC of India, presented the annual financial results for 2015-16 of GIC at Mumbai. 

Net profit up by 5.4% to Rs. 2,957 crores (app US $440 million) before tax.

22% increase in premium income to Rs. 18,346 crores (app US $3 billion)

GIC is the third largest dividend provider to the Government of India after State Bank of India and Life Insurance Corp of India (LIC).

Taking the corporation to be one among the top global Insurance giants, especially a a time when the economy is opening up and lot of private players with global experience are entering the market. is a challenge Alice Vaidyan will have to give her whole attention for the next couple of years.


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