Monday, June 20, 2016

Does US need all those guns ? God save America ..

Country Population, top 10, June '16

1. China 1,373,541,278  

2. India 1,266,883,598  

3. United States 323,995,528  

4. Indonesia 258,316,051  

5. Brazil 205,823,665
God Save America .. It is not that the people are senseless,
It is just lack of effective leadership. A bunch of morons,
totally helpless who cannot think for the country !

6. Pakistan 201,995,540

7. Nigeria 186,053,386

8. Bangladesh 171,696,855

9. Russia 142,355,415
10. Japan 126,702,133

US with 324 million population has 327 million civilian firearms, ie. 101 firearms for every 100 citizens.

Yemen is #2 at 55 guns for 100 citizens .
(Source - US

If each of the gun in US were to take one life each, some guns would still not have a subject. Sad .. Whatever be the idea of the framers of the gun control law to protect each citizen from the state too, if the state acts strange, noone would approve this is the right path US should take. It is inviting disaster and inviting a culture where citizens would feel upset with other citizens and the state if their rights are not guaranteed or ensured, to go on a rage and take other people's lives. Some of the ill-effects of a materialistic world which the affluent people would never agree to.

What is happening in the most luxurious and (materially not intellectually) developed economies is a case in sociology and how cultures should evolve over years. After enjoying all luxuries, people get bored and take to strange pastimes and pleasures like homosexuality, gun culture, terrorism etc ..

The framers of the US constitution and the proponents of the gun laws may be extra smart and can talk care of any argument for or against guns, and it is none of the business of people from the most peaceful state in the world, India.

But in the interest of the future of humanity and the materialistic, less intelligent people in the western hemisphere, control guns in society, else you will have to see innocent children and citizens being gunned down not by terrorists, but by your own countrymen and you would have nobody to point fingers at then.

We have seen across history that when cultures get too self-indulgent, it deteriorates and dies out ! People never learn from history !!


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