Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Can China match up to India in space technology ?

Can the world's two greatest economic powers, two great civilizations, two great cultures and two great people be able to match up in space technology ?
A chinese expt to space ..

With India having gone aeons ahead of China in inter-planetary explorations with its Mars mission and launching and landing back on earth, the first miniature winged reusable vehicle using cryogenic technology, we hope China will be able to catch up with India in another twenty years, if not earlier.

Space technology in particular and Science and Technology in general, will be developing around these two great powers from Asia in the coming centuries.

A news-report on what China intends to do in space in the next 20 years .. Will they be able to catch up with India ?

How China develops technology clandestinely .. Click here ..

China must understand one thing, its 'might' may not stand by it when it comes to being smart in science and technology. Intelligence cannot be bought or intimidated with might !

It bodes well for China to get alongside India and walk side-by-side in their joint stride to give peaceful leadership to the world.


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