Friday, June 03, 2016

Benefits or otherwise of huge internet accessing population.

Internet penetration across the world  '12.. (
Indian Internet user base now stands at 560 million by mid June '16 and growing at app 100 million annually till 2020, 75% accessing over smartphones.
Mobile internet access .. '12

Fixed Internet access, '12
China at 721 million Internet users presently will grow at 25 million users annually.

By 2019, both India and China would have 900 million Internet users each.

Another interesting statistic page from wikipedia :

As part of research, shall be looking at a couple of questions - 

1. What are the positive and negative impacts of huge population accessing the net, almost 75% in the largest two economies.

2. Are we prepared and capable to positively handle such an eventuality ?

3. What are the common fears of people when asked to foresee such a situation

4. How can we be well prepared to manage this development

5. Should we regulate or promote easy and free access to the net and why ?

The solace however is that earth has always self-regulated itself so well that there is no need for panic, but we are unaware what this self-regulation will be like.

An awareness will get us better prepared for the future ..


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