Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Will TESLA totally disrupt the automobile and manufacturing industry ?

TESLA is doing things in scale and size. It is mind boggling how they are giving the giants Toyota, GM, VW, Ford and others a run for their money.

Economies of scale will push costs down, making it more affordable for the common man. Model 3 now retails for about $ 35,000 in US. With some more research into manufacturing and battery integration, the costs can be brought down to even $10,000, making it a hit in India and China.

Click here for the NG Megafactories of the future video .. a 5.8 million sq ft factory, the biggest in the world under one roof.

It is shocking and at the same time exhilarating.. Will TESLA take over autombile production in the world with cheap electric cars that has almost zero running costs. With production to touch 200,000 cars (to be scaled up greatly  later) by 2017 from under a single roof and economies of scale making TESLA Model 3 affordable for the population in China and India, what will be the future of automobile industry and manufacturing ?

Click on the latest on the Tesla giga factory ..

Where is TESLA taking us with his good intentions to care for the environment. ?


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