Thursday, May 26, 2016

Why Indian research in Space tech is world class

No Indian University finds mention in the top 200 Universities of the world. No scientific Institute from India finds mention in the top 50 Institutes in India. Yet we do cutting edge research in space technology, material science, agriculture, energy and get laurels from around the world.

Some questions come to my mind every now and then. We are not a spent force, we can do things. But where is the missing link, why are we a failure when it comes to publicising our knowledge ?

I have been thinking loud and have some points listed here. Would love to get feedback to add more.

1. Why is it that Indian research does not find its way to global journals or recognition. ?

2. Is the greatness of a Uty or an institute to be judged slely on the research output from its faculty ? Or does the research output of its students also need to be taken into consideration ?

Low number of researchers  ??
3. Do our Universities and academic institutions have the right ambience to promote knowledge generation, spreading and its storage and retrieval ?

4. Is generating knowledge solely a personal matter or do societies need to be acknowledged for that ?

5. From an individualised world and thinking, do we need to go to a societal thinking and promote knowedge for the sake of the common good and not personal benefit and wealth ?

6. As a society are we too much obsessed about personal freedom and liberty than personal contribution in return to society, especially knowledge ?

7. Do we need to move away from the text book, classroom, professor, exam system of teaching to one of experimentation and free learning environments ?

8. Is our society giving enough preference to knowledge and research as much as in other countries ?

I welcome suggestions and thoughts from anybody in this area. How can we promote a culture of inquisitiveness and learning where all can contribute and help in the development of society and humanity as a whole instead of individual nations and individual citizens ?


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