Friday, May 20, 2016

Why I cannot see eye to eye with the Commies ?

Pinarayi Vijayan - all for the sake of  grabbing

Why the Commies/ Marxists continue to be hypocrites ?

Pinarayi Vijayan is going to be the next CM of Kerala. What has he done to merit this position ? Can he convince the peopl of the state of Kerala what he has done with the Rs 374 crores of rupees which he gave to the Canadian co. Lavlin for installing the turbines for the hydro electric power plant in the state (of which Rs 100 croes was for building the cancer hospital in North Kerala ) ? Can we Malayalees ever get to see those 376 crores again.

Being the earlier leader of the Opposition, Achuthanandan's declarations at the electoral office (before elections) of about 16 crores show what hypocrites these leaders are. All other leaders have made monetary declarations which shows that these leaders do not in any way represent the working community anymore.They have to keep fooling the common man claiming that they represent the common working class, grab power and enjoy the perks and respect given by their fellow cadres and public. How long can they continue to fool their own comrades like this ?

The hypocritical stand taken by all leaders of the Marxist party in Indian, except for the most senior leader VS Achuthanandan has been one of deceit. It may bring them temporary success, but over the years such a strategy will only result in their total wipe out from the face of planet earth.  And they do not have even a well learned and educated, straight thinking person in the party, mature enough to see through their cheap strategy and advise them against following it for the sake of the existence of the party.

Politics for these Marxist leaders is more of a profession and way to hoodwink people to gain power and money. I pity these leaders and their pitiable state of mind. .

All other leaders of other political parties do not claim to be saints like them. These people say something and do just the opposite. How can we believe them ? It is very clear from the way the world has kicked out these leaders from their country. These are their last vestiges of power, except for Tripura, Cuba and North Korea, and very soon this party like in Russia and China will get scrapped in the dust-bin of history.

Degrading value-less politics !! Low tolerance for criticism will see the party and its cadres take law into their hands very soon, which will lead to their downfall. And then these small people cannot think much into the future.

Inheriting far-sighted developmental decisions and policies of a people-friendly government, the newly taken over Marxists can ill-afford to disrupt development to take the state backward.


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