Wednesday, May 11, 2016

British excuse on their incompetence - Kochi Int'l airport case .

I happened recently to watch this documentary from BBC on the insolation of the Kochi International Airport in Kochi, Kerala, india. Click here for the BBC video ..

What a shame BBC on you ? Instead of accepting that before any other airport in the world has ever attempted the insolation of their international airports, Kochi has done it successfully, BBC finds a silly excuse in the video and says it is because energy is costly that India has gone for the solar route. Elsewhere energy is cheap and so they do not feel the pressure to innovate ! Instead of accepting Indian novelty and innovation in a super critical application area, it is very disheartening to find BBC playing the achievement down. 

Come on, you still have your historical mindsets from the old times !

46,000 solar panels powering Kochi Int'l airport ..
Instead of accepting that India had the wherewithal, brains, innovation, mindset, determination, discipline and technology to implement the world's first and ONLY solar powered  international airport, you are  belittling Indian efforts by claiming the excuse of low energy costs in your country as a demotivator for innovation in the energy area.

If you can understand, try to catch this quote on incompetence. By belittling Indian efforts, let me tell you, Britain, you are going back and killing your own competence and efforts. 

Already on GDP, India is at #3 position in the world after China and US in that order, while Britain is at a dismal #10. Yes Britain is still in its earlier imperialistic mindset, building towers of nothing..


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