Monday, May 30, 2016

The hapless thousands !!

Reuters pic of a tragedy unfolding on April 12, 2015 in  the Mediterranean ..
Quite tragic drama in the high seas in Mediterranean ..

How has this instability spread across African and Arab countries and who is responsible for the Iraq, Syria, Libya crisis ? Does anyone have the courage to own up to the tragedy unfolding in the Mediterranean over the past couple of years??

Shocking !!  Shocking !!
The latest, 24 hours back in the Mediterranean, helpless .. ABC news
Just over 700 migrants were drowned in the Mediterranean Sea in just one week.

What a great tragedy !

Approx 460 adults like any of us and 40 children staring at death eye-to-eye in a cruel and tragic turn of events were drowned in the past 24 hours ..

Who all are responsible for precipitating this crisis in the first place and who all are exploiting it now ? How many generations of the perpetrators and exploiters will be needed to wash off the blood of these hapless and helpless thousands ??

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