Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Superbugs ..

Antibiotics are used for treating bacterial infections. Viral infections are not treatable and will take its full time to get cured of the ill-effects.

700,000 world over die every year due to drug-resistant infections. If the doctors across the world resort to indiscriminate use of antibiotics for all types of diseases, bacterial and viral, this can be very life threatening with predictions of almost 10 million people succumbing to drug resistant infections across the world by 2050.

The number Antibiotics resistant infections are increasing due to low awareness among the people and doctors. 

Educating patients not to stop an antibiotics course midway, even though pain and infection is gone is very important. Easy diagnostic kits to identify bacterial and viral infections and what basic types of antibiotics can be prescribed for bacterial infections without misusing vital ones can help in containing this threat in a big way.

Let us work for a superbug-free world !


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