Tuesday, May 24, 2016

IIT Bombay visit .. may '16.

The well done corridors , IDC side
It was pleasant visiting IIT Bombay, my alma mater after four long years in May '16.

Neat logo at Victor Menezes
Hall entrance.
The Institute now has a new building Victor Menezes hall where lot of programmes are conducted. The day I visited Monday, May 23, 16, classes were in full swing and the auditorium was locked. I am hopeful that one day a building in my name also will come up at IITB !! :)

Many new constructions are coming up. Great to also learn that IIT Bombay is still among the most sought after IIT in the country. I did not have the good fortune to do my graduation there, but carried out the finishing stages of my Uty education with a PhD at ITB during 1998-2003.

Fmr Citibank CEO and IITB
alumnus, doing his 
bit for IITB ..
Mech Engg. Dept buildings,
where I sat for 5 years, 
getting dilapidated ..
Urgent action needed ...
The canteen is the same, the quality of food has not changed a bit. I remembered the stale taste of canteen food and its superb tea. Could not visit the Nescafe stall which I used to frequent with Prof NRR, Prof. Gaitonde, Prof NH and friends. I do not remember how many Research Scholars Forum (RSF) high level meetings were held in the lawns facing the Lecture theatre behind the main buildings in the evenings. This was the place where I brought my son Easaw George and used to play Frisbee with him.

The lawns need more maintenance maybe, because of the extreme heat in Bombay.

The greenery is getting threatened with concrete buildings coming up (as there is pressure for more classrooms and halls and new constructions are making their appearance everywhere.)

Lawns are not being cared for.. Please ..
I could not visit Hostel 1 where I spent a lot of my single life !.

I do not know whether leopards still keep visiting the hostels and the campus.
From Dean Acad office. view of LT lawns

My main supervisor, Prof Rangaraj (Dean, Academic Prog) was in Hyderabad and my co-supervisor Prof Hemachandra. Prof Awate also was not available. Met Prof Subash Babu and took his blessings. Prof Gaitonde was in US.

Went around the campus, which brought strong old memories of being Coordinator for the Research Scholars Forum (RSF) in IIT Bombay, the second person to hold that post (1989) since starting RSF in 1998.

Glad that the Institute is growing in reputation and the quality of output with each passing year.


Corridor, Library side..


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