Monday, May 02, 2016

How to start writing a book ..

This is a good Forbes article on how to write a book ..

It talks of the most important five stages in writing a book.. Here is a good article on how to write good books..

Another one on 15 tips on  writing better ,..

The important points are as follows (the last one is very important): 

1. The first and most important stage is to understand your audience / reader

2. Practice writing - writing a book is like running a marathon, one oes not simply get to start, run and finish the marathon. It requires constant practice, testing one's endurance,

3. Find one's space - free time and place to write without getting disturbed

4. Plan the book before one starts writing, rough pages, number of chapters, content in each chapter and so on

5. The writing must make sense to another person who has not seen you or read about you.  Find an editor, who can correct one's own writing.

Good luck, hope you get  your first book ready soon !!


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