Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Elon Musk - the iron man ..

Elon Musk, single handedly fighting the world to disrupt it ..

Is he the messiah for a dying world, to save it from eternal destruction and to preserve it for the future generations of the world ! You should listen to this guy.

Through Tesla Motors he is out to disrupt the internal combustion engine of a 125 years, giving sleepless nights and shivers to the likes of Toyota, GM, VW, Ford etc, to bring Sustainable Transport to this world. 
His other dream through Solar City is to make solar energy affordable and accessible across the world, besides making space travel, through SpaceX, within the reach of the common man, threatening NASA, ISRO and ESA ... Wow !!

Truly exceptional !! Great news for an energy hungry world looking for  sustainable means to take humanity forward.

Listen to his CNN talk here ..

Beautiful integrating Technology, Environment and Business (TEB), doing everything with a business mind to make it self-sustaining and viable in the long run of time ..

Another of his great ideas is the hyperloop. Listen to the concept here ..

South Africa's contribution to this world !! The TEB man !!


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