Wednesday, May 25, 2016

An attempt to contain China ..

India exhibiting technological prowess
Notorious China which has the ignominous history of attacking a 'peaceful' India in 1962 and providing clandestine technological support to the failed states of Pakistan and North Korea throughout the past five six decades, is at a great loss presently, unable to react to the news of the success of India's mini space shuttle, the scaled down experimental version, the RLV-TD HEX-1, as it neither has the technology, expertise, competence, proficiency, skill, know-how, capability or wherewithal to check or compete with its Southern neighbour. But it is too early to decide whether China has lost the space race. 

Is it necessary for China to boss around the world ?
Developing superior and advanced technology inaccessible to China (intellectually or clandestinely) is the only way China can be contained especially when it tries to flex it's muscles continuously in the South China Sea and against its South Asia neighbours ..

China's political failure, overshadowing it's economic success and the continuous pressure on it to provide for its large population can be understood by the world, but not it's  undisciplined, unruly, disruptive, boisterous, thuggish, ruffian and high-handed nature of trying to intimidate it's neighbours.

The shift in balance of power southward, should not be a matter of concern, neither to China or the world at large, as India inheriting a great and peaceful civilization, culture, enlightenment and displaying great erudition and understanding, has over the past ten millennia been propagating peace and prosperity throughout the world. It has never invaded or attacked a foreign country.

An intelligent Chinese leadership should be able to immediately learn a lesson or two quickly to save it's face and avoid tensions across the civilized world. 🙏🏻🙏🏻


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