Saturday, April 23, 2016

Why should US private space cos. oppose ISRO's strengths and capabilities ?

It was really shocking to read of how private space cos in the United States were trying to block Indian reliable, high tech, low cost high quality launches of US satellites that have been happening over the past few months. Click for the news item here .. Why should US cos. be worried ? Only the fittest companies will survive in the long run, be it Indian or US.

The satellites will naturally be launched by those rockets which offer the safest, most reliable and lowest cost launches. ISRO has proved to the world that they are unbeatable.

The best option for US space cos. is to find why their costs are high and apply their minds together and come out with ways to contain costs. Instead they now want the US govt and law makers to interfere on their behalf and stop US satellites being launched by Indian rockets.

How unfair is it ? Can it work anywhere ? Will any sensible thinking country allow it ? If US space agencies cannot compete with India in costs, quality, reliability and high technology, so be it !! Instead of trying to use influence and law, they should look inward and find the reasons.

It is a shame that when US cannot compete with other countries, the practice has been for them to run to their law makers and use force, threats to bully the other country to fall in line or gang up with other countries and bully. If US thinks that would work again, I am afraid they are badly mistaken. India has overtaken US and there is no looking back..

The positive development from the event is that the world has taken note of Indian might in the space industry and its success at inter-planetary missions. 

Earlier it was the issue of solar panels when India was buying Chinese panels and was converting international airports to become 100% energy neutral, again for the first time in the world. As per NDTV reports even 16 US states buy solar panels from their local producers. Keeping all these issues aside now they are crying against satellite launching. 

US should introspect and find what went wrong where, and try to correct it than bully other nations. That was possible some years back, no more..


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