Friday, April 22, 2016

Urban living - top 4 cities in India.

A very good analysis of interesting and important parameters for urban living in India is given in the chart here. 

New Delhi being the most polluted city in the world, there is great responsibility on the urban town planners to see that more effective ways of effluent, waste disposal is implemented across the country. Water, land and air pollution is very dangerous to the growing population. 

New Delhi being the centre of power in the country, also happens to be the place where maximum corruption happens in government and private dealings, in spite of how much Arvind Kerjriwal and his ministers do. As long as the real power over Delhi lies with the Central government, and they care less for the capital city, Delhi is doomed.

The government needs to seriously ponder over how its important cities are managed, besides looking at problems of employment, poverty alleviation , development, building infrastructure across the country. 

Credit to Times of India, 22 April 2016.


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