Friday, April 15, 2016

Plover bird .. Annual migration patterns. .

It is great to understand how birds plan their annual migration and breeding patterns ..

Plover #97, in this case a native from Alaska (Plovers are found more in tropical climate like Australia and other tropical countries..) annual migration and breeding patterns.

It all starts in Alaska, North America. Plover flies from Nome, Alaska to Sulawesi, Indonesia, 15,000 kms in 2 months, sept-oct. (half the distance it does in just 8 days, flying non-stop 8,800 kms from Alaska to Japan)

Plover stays in Sulawesi during Nov-March, 5 months, breeding and enjoying life, also escaping the bitter Alaskan winter.

It then returns from Sulawesi to Nome in 2 months time, April - May.

The plover then stays in Alaska during summer  months, June - August, 3 months.

In Sept. it again starts it's migratory patterns for the next year.

The longest non-stop stretch for Plover is 8,800 kms in 8 days in sept. Simply great !!


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