Sunday, April 24, 2016

Mitti-cool, Mansukhbhi, ground-breaking innovation !

Hard work, perseverance and belief in oneself
pays one abundantly at the end..
Mansukhbhai Prajapathi, the 10 th fail entrepreneur from Rajkot, Gojarat, India, who wanted to do it big, who fought against failures and discouragement from all quarters, at all stage from loan, to factory to marketing and finally smelt success ..
The story of a not-so-educated (tenth failed) entrepreneur who in spite of all odds finally made the product of his dreams.

Mansukhbhai with his Mitticool natural zero-energy
Click for the youtube video here (app 30 mins,) great learning..

Shouldn't we think of refrigeration using evaporative method, using zero energy .. Natural means to preserve fruits, milk at 8 degrees below ambient temperature and cool water ..

Can we solve the heat problem of Indian villages using this technology ??

Click here for CNN article on Indian frugal innovation ..

I think this is innovation of the highest calibre, in the sense that if a scalable model of this zero energy model can be commercialised by knowing the right combination of clay, saw dust and other additives, it can arise the standard of living of not only about 500 million Indians, it can make a big change in China and also in Africa.

More than frugal innovation, this is baseline innovation, redefining our very understandings and beliefs. Can we achieve and accomplish more without spending any energy at all ? A great thought for the whole world to ruminate on the next few years.

Do we really need all that energy to get life moving ? Is it necessary, can we do without it by observing natural phenomena ?


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