Saturday, April 09, 2016

Liquor prohibition, leader shows the way !

The masses follow the leader ..

After Oommen Chandy managed to impose prohibition in Kerala, about a year back and got brickbats from all around, Nitish Kumar found how sensible, path breaking and forward looking it was and followed it up in Bihar.

Oommen Chandy, Kerala CM with his
characteristic unkept hairstyle..
CPM Gen Secretary Sitaram Yechuri has assured yesterday that Oommen Chandy's good governance, intentions and great leadership actions won't be withdrawn (if and ever they snatch power thru elections ..)

Now Jayalalitha from Tamil Madu also promises to go by Oommen Chandy's leadership style - prohibition will not be enforced in one shot, but in stages !

I congratulate all these leaders for the guts they have shown or have promised to show to improve the basic living condition of the people. Liquor has destroyed so many families and is a major reason for corruption in government offices and private dealings, as normal wages and salaries make it difficult to even make ends meet, how can one afford liquor.

The liquor barons who make quick money killing people and breaking families have lot of problems with themselves and the society, the recent example of Vijay Mallya is a good example. If ever he happens to read this blogpost, I do not blame him, but his parents Mallya senior who started this business and made such a bad name for the family. When parents do not have the right value-based education, that is when they enter all such businesses and bring bad name and repute for the family. A malayali family in the distilling and brewing business in Bangalore is also in the throes of disintegration and collapse soon, unless they are willing to change.

In modern educated respectable families in kerala and elsewhere, people spit when they hear the names of liquor barons. If we do good to society, society will also do good to us in return, we get the consequences of our actions. But if we plan to make a quick buck and kill people, we will have to suffer the consequences. 

Oommen Chandy is a great leader and has placed his whole political future at the altar of prohibition and have asked people to judge him whether he has done good for the society or run after temporary fortunes, name, fame etc and taken the state to a deep abyss. I am sure the sensible people of Kerala knows who has done good for kerala society and who are trying to be opportunistic and be satisfied with immediate profits.

Every Tom, Dick and Harry worth the name has to say something in this regard on prohibition. I have heard people say that total prohibition is not a practical idea. But at least something is better than nothing !

Born leaders are unbeatable..

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