Wednesday, April 27, 2016

India's Reusable Launch Vehicle to be sent in June '16 to space .

RLV-TD ready for launch in June '16 ..
The successful completion of launch of all satellites of India's own regional navigational satellite system is great news. But greater news that is going to benefit humanity is not exacvtly this.

In June '16, the whole world will be watching eagerly at another of India's great space experiments, the launch of the  Reusable launch Vehicle, Technology demonstrator (RLV-TD) and its splash down in Bay of Bengal.

Click here for the video on Reusable Launch Vehicle - Tech Demonstrator , India's own space shuttle.

If this technology demonstrator of India's own Reusable Launch Vehicle, carrying 9 Tonnes of fuel, turns out to be successful in landing in the Bay of Bengal after a journey of 70 kms to space, it is definitely putting India ahead of  the rest of the world.

After NASA's "failed" and later discontinued Space Shuttle system and SpaceX' failed Reusable Launch Vehicle, the whole world eagerly looks ahead to see how India's own Space Shuttle will perform.

Will India's cost based innovation (disruptive too) take it ahead of NASA and bring space travel costs down to very affordable levels ?

Click here for The Hindu report on the RLV-TD ..

Even early successes cannot ensure the final success of the RLV, as it may have to carry out many such successful launches to demonstrate its airworthiness and reliability.

When 1.24 billion people from India are looking forward and skyward to see the successful launch of the RLV-TD in June '16, the entire scientific community is working hard to ensure a successful spash down in the Bay of Bengal. Through this launch, the people of the country look forward to go at least a fifty years ahead of China and ten years ahead of other countries in space explorations

There is a great feeling of confidence when we do it right the first time. When India entered Martian orbit in its maiden attempt in 2014, it made great news. Pl click here for the TEDx file of India's Mangalyaan by a space Scientist ..
Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, India;s modern day messiah

This time too a great responsibility rests on our shoulders to demonstrate to the world, Indians not only do it reliably in a cost effective way ($500 per kg of payload compared to $ 5000 for the rest of the world), we also do it smartly !

The fallout of this mission can bring good news for the whole world, as space travel can be brought to affordable levels. India with it's non-imperialistic and non-expansionist policies in firm steady steps, can vie to bring peace and prosperity (and not violence and destruction) to the world !


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  1. Thanks for sharing this gave great insights into the greatness of ISRO and advancement of India in space technology


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