Tuesday, April 05, 2016

How will the Panama papers expose impact India ?

The Panama papers expose has been censored in China, everyone knows the reason. Since Ji Xin Ping and his brother-in-law is also involved, China is afraid of releasing any news relating to damaging the clean reputation of their leader, especially after his recent action against corruption of his juniors.

China's efforts to hoodwink the people of China may work. Moreover, the world knows the true intention of the Chinese leaders, it is not the growth of their country but their personal growth.

The situation in India cannot be like in China. India is a democracy and one of the oldest and most respected civilizations of the world. Unlike China, India has lot more to lose if this corruption scandal is not properly investigated.

Many Indians have started talking about the Panama papers, the PM, the FM and Chairman of the Central bank Mr. Raghuram Rajen, It is a surprise that they are all not talking in one voice. While the PM declares of his good intention ( like his 2015 declaration against black money in the country), the people do not believe his words.

Click here for the youtube video from ICIJ on the Panama expose .. Story of the firm Mossak Fonseca ..

Before the public loses contact of this black money probe in Panama happening now, let the govt move fast and get hold of the Indian culprits ..

The need of the hour .. It also need to be found who all again will talk about the expose and muddle the issue in the minds of the public, which is their true intention.

Will the youngsters in the country grab this opportunity to force the political leaders of the country to take a stand against defaulters in these Panama papers expose and bring the truth out ?


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