Saturday, April 23, 2016

Elvira Nabiullina ..

Vladimir Putin's right hand, the economy minister .. ..
While going through this week's Economist in the economy section, happened to read about this lady from Russia. Coming in 2000 in the lime light, this lady from very ordinary and poor social levels, has now come to occupy high position n Putin's government in Russia. 

Finance minister of Russia, 52 year old Elvira Nabiullina, daughter of a chaffeur and factory worker mother, is Vladimir Putin's right hand and his best bet to revive Russian economy reeling under low oil prices and flight of foreign hedge funds and retail investors.

Russian economy picking up is not only good news for Asia, it brings in a sort of stability in an otherwise bi-polar world led by China and the United States. China may not be a competitor to US and Russia on military terms, but is a global super power in economic terms.


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