Tuesday, April 05, 2016

E-commerce and business management ..

This morning a student came to my room and asked me whether she could spend some time talking to me about her dissertation. As I usually take interest in students and wish them to do better, I said yes and we started discussing things. It was then that the student brought in the field of Retailing, as she had done her internship at Amazon in Bangalore.

She is an operations student and quite interested in learning. 

What is the scope of Marketing in an online retail setup, other than designing a catchy website ?

What is the scope of HR in an online retail setup other than taking care of the employees who do the packing at the despatch center or do basic admin skills ?
Jack Ma (r) being interviewed by Barack Obama, Pres of USA

Finance and Operatons are the creamy areas which find great application in retail around the world.

Any time over the next two weeks we can expect that great news to come where Chinese etailing giant Alibaba would have overtaken Walmart to be the largest business organisation in the world with sales turnover exceeding $480 bilion. By 2020, Alibaba expects to cross a trillion dollars !

The future is e-commerce and the future is operations .. 

george ..

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