Thursday, April 28, 2016

Contain India or contain terrorism.. F16 sale to Pak, the failed state...

Is Pakistan using these US-gifted F16s to fight home-grown terrorists or India ?
At last, some sensible US Senators have apprehensions that Pakistan may use the F16s which US  keeps gifting Pakistan time and again, may be used against India and not against terrorists. It is good to know that at least now they are seeing the true picture !

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We Indians can read between the lines too. We also know that the real intention of Obama is also the same like Pakistan, not to contain terrorism, but to contain India. 

Obama also knows, if there is peace, US will cease to exist and all the migrants from Indian who have gone to US in search of work, studies etc will return to India. Obama knows that it is also a big problem for India.

This is the reason why Obama wants to help India and consciously sells F16 fighter jets yet again to prop up the failed state.

Win win for all !!


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