Monday, April 25, 2016

China always does it big (not smarter) !! Solar ..

Solar farm, 200 MW in Gobi desert, N China, 100 sq miles.
200 MW solar farm over 10 sq. miles in the Gobi desert, N. China.

Why is it that even though China does things big, it never does them smart ?

India through Kochi International airport was the first and the only international airport in the world to go truly solar, that too a super critical application. 

Moreover Kochi International airport has gone beyond green, it is doing sensible things like growing organic creeper vegetables around the solar panels, increasing its efficiency and output. 

Read the British Independent report on China's 200 MW solar plant.

As long as China does not get smarter than India in technology and innovations, India will still continue to dominate the world and will be the top economic power of the world in just 30 years time !

With the Indian PM Narendra Modi announcing plants of 100 Gigawatts (100,000 MW) of solar energy in the next 5 years, there is no stopping the Indian juggernaut. And with China to give it company, as also Jordan, Dubai and other sensible Gulf countries, there is going to be a revolution in trapping solar energy in this part of the world.

Oil exporting countries, please take not, your days are over. That goes to Russia and US too. Even though US is the world largest producer of oil through the shale oil route, energy in the future will be trapped from wind and solar routes for the most part. Hydel will be scarce, nuclear has its risks (less countries would want to go for it), wind and sun would be the two clean and neat resources for the whole world.

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