Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Achieving your goals..

I happened to read an article by Ron Edmondson on how one should plan life to be able to achieve one's great goals in life. He has mentioned a systematic and sensible way to achieve one's goals and they are listed here. I found it to be really simple but heavy weight.

Where most of us fail is that we underestimate our potential and are content and satisfied with small goals and still smaller achievements, and moreover, we have got the challenges of daily chores and house work, office work etc to detract and stop us from attaining our dreams.

So what are you going to do today ? Are you going to be worried about your daily chores or look at the sky and the immense possibilities ahead of you to dream big and attain your dreams..

I invite you to the latter path. Dream big, the future is yours !

1. Identify the dream

Set yourself a realisable, plausible great dream, really big !! you will achieve it ..

2. Make an action plan

How are you going to achieve the dream, make sure you write down the milestones and try to reach them faithfully

3. Develop accountability

Unless we have accountability to achieve the golas set, we will not go ahead. For a start discuss your dream and target dates with your wife and a friend who would challenge you to achieve it ..

4. Share the load

Ask a friend or two to share some of your load to help you achieve your goal. This has got many benefits, you are consciously seeking the help of a friend to achieve your goals and so there is more push and challenge for you to achieve your dreams.

5. Take a risk

Be ready to take risks, accept great responsibilities and accept tasks which you have to achieve to reach your goals. This risk taking encourages you to stick to your path to achieve the goal ..

6. Stay consistent with the goal

Do not change the goal posts frequently once you are out in the deep field. You may initially find the going tough, but be at it and persevere.

7. Get started

You may have great dreams and action plans to achieve, everything comes to a naught, unless you get started. So why wait, get started. Tomorrow is yours !

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