Thursday, April 21, 2016

A forest in your backyard, ..

Green champion and TED fellow,
Shubhendu Sharma ..
I never knew that this young guy from Uttarakhand, who studied in Hubli and worked for Toyota, has his company afforestt on Richmond Road, Bangalore itself, which specialises in creating urban forests the Toyota way .. 

Toyota uses Heijunka to level the workload. It so happens that different products have different demands. In this case, products A and B have greater demand than C,D,E and F.

Heijunka board,
Assymetric demand and hence diff work loads for diff
products results in under-utlisation of assembly lines
When we have two or three production and assembly lines work hard on two or three top  models of Toyota cars, it results in some assembly lines being more busy than other assembly lines. This assymetry in assembly line loading results in wastes and under-utlisation of machines, people etc. (in Toyota terms Mura and Muri)

Shubhendu and his urban forest ..
In an attempt to eliminate these wastes on the Toyota shopfloor and on their assembly lines, one can find different models being produced intermittently in different batch sizes on the same assembly line (higher demand models being produced more frequently than lower demand models).. 

Shubhendu looks at this Toyota philosophy of Heijunka in afforestation or cultivation too (out ofhis  experience working at Toyota Bidadi, Bangalore). Instead of having different patches of different trees (resulting in wastes like less variety, more vapourisation of ground surface water etc..), why not have all local trees, cultivated using organic manure, together in a dense environment.

And thus was born

Click here for website of afforestt


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