Saturday, April 30, 2016

Internet of things

Some possibilities of IoT ..
The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of physical objects—devices, vehicles, buildings and other items—embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and network connectivity that enables these objects to collect and exchange data.

Facebook is the social media of humans. Internet of Things is the social media of equipments/physical objects.

It is said that by 2020, 26 billion to 100 billion connected devices interacting over the Internet. That is a huge number of connected items, right from industry equipments, logistics and transportation utilities like trucks, cargo, IoT will also penetrate healthcare sector. Things to things (T-T), Things to people (T-P) and people to things (P-T) are the different connections possible.

IBM IoT .. Click here ..


Can Adarsh be put to good use ?

Adarsh, cannot stand this building being demolished..
We know the team of lawyers for the state and the parties will all raise a hue and cry when I propose this idea. I dont care what those people cry for ?

Adarsh ( click here for my pics of Adarsh..) has already been built with soiled hands and a soiled mind and conscience. Dont the poor in the country deserve to be accommodated in the building ? Be it an old age home or an orphanage, something should be done so that the resources that have gone into the building will not be wasted. 

Adarsh is the tower of corruption, this is a very very small case of corruption. To put to the best use, transfer the building to the Tata Trust and let them take care of it. 


Thursday, April 28, 2016

Jack Ma famous quotes ..

Contain India or contain terrorism.. F16 sale to Pak, the failed state...

Is Pakistan using these US-gifted F16s to fight home-grown terrorists or India ?
At last, some sensible US Senators have apprehensions that Pakistan may use the F16s which US  keeps gifting Pakistan time and again, may be used against India and not against terrorists. It is good to know that at least now they are seeing the true picture !

Click for news item here  ..

We Indians can read between the lines too. We also know that the real intention of Obama is also the same like Pakistan, not to contain terrorism, but to contain India. 

Obama also knows, if there is peace, US will cease to exist and all the migrants from Indian who have gone to US in search of work, studies etc will return to India. Obama knows that it is also a big problem for India.

This is the reason why Obama wants to help India and consciously sells F16 fighter jets yet again to prop up the failed state.

Win win for all !!


Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Coral Reefs at the Amazon river mouth ..

Amazon river winding thru Brazil ..
Huge coral reefs of app 3000 sq. km area has been discovered in South America by researchers. here is the paper .. published in Science magazine.

The dark region at the mouth of Amazon are the coral reefs

These are virgin ocean beds that are also being explored for oil. 

India's Reusable Launch Vehicle to be sent in June '16 to space .

RLV-TD ready for launch in June '16 ..
The successful completion of launch of all satellites of India's own regional navigational satellite system is great news. But greater news that is going to benefit humanity is not exacvtly this.

In June '16, the whole world will be watching eagerly at another of India's great space experiments, the launch of the  Reusable launch Vehicle, Technology demonstrator (RLV-TD) and its splash down in Bay of Bengal.

Click here for the video on Reusable Launch Vehicle - Tech Demonstrator , India's own space shuttle.

If this technology demonstrator of India's own Reusable Launch Vehicle, carrying 9 Tonnes of fuel, turns out to be successful in landing in the Bay of Bengal after a journey of 70 kms to space, it is definitely putting India ahead of  the rest of the world.

After NASA's "failed" and later discontinued Space Shuttle system and SpaceX' failed Reusable Launch Vehicle, the whole world eagerly looks ahead to see how India's own Space Shuttle will perform.

Will India's cost based innovation (disruptive too) take it ahead of NASA and bring space travel costs down to very affordable levels ?

Click here for The Hindu report on the RLV-TD ..

Even early successes cannot ensure the final success of the RLV, as it may have to carry out many such successful launches to demonstrate its airworthiness and reliability.

When 1.24 billion people from India are looking forward and skyward to see the successful launch of the RLV-TD in June '16, the entire scientific community is working hard to ensure a successful spash down in the Bay of Bengal. Through this launch, the people of the country look forward to go at least a fifty years ahead of China and ten years ahead of other countries in space explorations

There is a great feeling of confidence when we do it right the first time. When India entered Martian orbit in its maiden attempt in 2014, it made great news. Pl click here for the TEDx file of India's Mangalyaan by a space Scientist ..
Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, India;s modern day messiah

This time too a great responsibility rests on our shoulders to demonstrate to the world, Indians not only do it reliably in a cost effective way ($500 per kg of payload compared to $ 5000 for the rest of the world), we also do it smartly !

The fallout of this mission can bring good news for the whole world, as space travel can be brought to affordable levels. India with it's non-imperialistic and non-expansionist policies in firm steady steps, can vie to bring peace and prosperity (and not violence and destruction) to the world !


Autism .. Concerns ..

From 1 in 14,000 children in 1970, autism now afflicts 1 in 42 children in US (1 in 38 in S Korea).. 

Though no reason is being attributed to this brain condition with poor social skills, integrating these children with the working economy has always been a challenge ..

One of the curses of a fast developing society !

Click here for the well written Economist article ..

Here is a pdf on all what you need to know on Autism ..

Are they dancing to a different tune ?


Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The benefits of doing service, instead of working for self ..

"Giving yourself to others is the most important thing. When you give, you get something in return." - Michael Milken

This is a quote which made me sit up and think. 

We have heard and seen much about charity, the act of giving to others. Mother Teresa is the greatest example on planet earth of giving and living for others. But how does giving to others get us something in return ?

Mother Teresa got peace of mind, respect and happiness in return for all the good deeds she had done to society.

Gandhiji got freedom for his motherland and respect from the world for the service to society

John D Rockefeller got all the respect, peace of mind, happiness and health when he pledged all his wealth to the Rockefeller foundation at the beginning of 20 th century in 1913.

When a teacher gives to his students unconditionally, he gets back respect, adoration and love from his students throughout life.

When an employee gives his best to the organisation, the organisation rewards him by better pay, perks, prestige and promotions.

Giving is the most important thing in life, not keeping to oneself.


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