Sunday, March 27, 2016

Vittal's wasted legacy from deadly liquor trade..

Value less Vittal Mallya, where money meant

Would Vijay Mallya have been better off without Vittal and UB ? If Vittal had not entered the deadly liquor trade, would this fate have befallen Vijay ? If Vittal had values, would his son have been pushed to this predicament now ?

Some serious questions the tax payers of the country would seek a frank answer from the bureaucratic / political / financial sector in the country .

1. Did Vittal Mallya, the late spirit king father of Vijay Mallya, make this mess of Vijay as we see now ?

2. Would Vijay have made a better businessman had Vittal not spoiled son Vijay with all the riches and a hollow, value-less upbringing ?

3. If Vittal had been in any other business than in the business of killing people with deadly spirit, would his son Vijay become such a notorious playboy and an irresponsible vagabond, duping banks and tax payers of the country without any feeling of remorse or guilt at his irresponsible actions ?

4. If Vittal Mallya had cared for the health of the people around and stopped trading and brewing deadly brew, would Vijay have become such an irresponsible, reckless, foolhardy, impetuous person as he makes himself to be presently ?

5. If son Sidharth is to be saved from the same predicament of irresponsible, deviant behaviour of his father and grand father, wasting the money of tax payers in the country, what should he be doing ?

Let this also be a lesson to the other foolhardy businessmen of the country who through their devious ways try to outsmart others, finally end up in deep shit like Vijay Mallya finds himself now. Anil Ambani, Anil Agarwal, Ruia brothers, Adani and Jaiprakash Gaur and son Manoj Gaur, Vijay is a baby considering what all of the other big five owe to the banks.

Better payup and behave before the people of this country will be forced to do something drastic to get back their precious tax money wasted by an equally colluding and corrupt bank management ..

This is an important lesson to "respectable families" who indulge in dealing in liquor to make easy money. My advice to them is repent and give up indulging in that business, do not take the curse of thousands of families who have been orphaned by these businesses.

Save the future of the world, save the country !

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