Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Alice Vaidyan, top woman business leader

8 March '16, Times of India.
Harvard trained Alice Vaidyan is one of the top 5 most powerful woman business leaders of the country. TOI..

A matter of great pride and at the same time one of great responsibility to the nation !

Taking India to the forefront of nations of the world, there's nothing more sacred and blessed to do .. TOI, 9 March '16.

Alice' interview in Malayalam with Manorama News TV ..

Alice' interview for Taipei news agency ..

A fact to note here is that only Arundhati and Alice are heading the boards of the respective organisations as Chairpersons which control these large financial PSUs, all others are CEOs or MDs , not chairpersons ...

Alice Vaidyan is the only person from the top 5 who hails from Harvard Business School at Boston, US !


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