Monday, March 21, 2016

Pharoah Tutankhamen and Queen (mother) Nefertiti.

King Tut's recreation of what he was like ..
The excitement from King Tutankhamun does not seem to end any time soon. What initially started in 1920s with British Archeologist Howard Carter excavating in Egypt, the recent studies done with the help of scanners etc reveal that the world is not yet finished with the Pharoahs dynasty and are to see more of it in the coming years.

King Tutankhamun's mummified face .. 3300 year old.
It is really encouraging to see how our forefathers lived and nurtured their beliefs three thousand three hundred years back, around 1300 BC.

The search to find the secrret resting place of Queen Nefertiti seems to have been almost over with some of the stones in King Tut's chamber having vacant space behind them and traces of organic matter, which may point to the grave of Nefertiti and the untold riches that it may contain.

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King Tut's footwear, worn 3300 years ago ..
Personal belongings of King Tut, buried along with him to be
taken to the next world ..
King Tut's burial chamber (partly illuminated)
King's Tut's chamber, illuminated .. 3300 year old wall paintings. 
Queen Nefertiti ..

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