Monday, March 21, 2016

Original owners of land in US and in India, treatment difference ..

While US claims to be a great democracy, it has systematically and in a carefully planned manner annihilated, massacred, decimated, murdered and killed by intentionally planting the small pox virus, the original owners of the land, the American Indians from app. 100 million in 1500 AD to less than 5 million now !! (source Wikipedia) ..

The biggest planned and organised massacre in the history of mankind  by the white European settlers, much more demonic than the 6 million Jews killed in the holocaust during the early 1940s by the Nazis ..

There cannot be a more  blessed country than US in this world, cause the curse and blood of these 95 million original owners of North America will be peacefully borne by none other than the present day settlers - the immigrants and their future generations ..

And when we in India, we have also been settlers here 9000 years back, from a socially and culturally rich civilization, care for and try to integrate our original owners of the land for millennia and bring them to mainstream society, the tribals and the aborigines, by means of reservation in education and jobs, the racial minded and  ignoramuses among us raise objections and resort to violence.

How shameful ? .. 🙏🙏 Do we also want the same fate as what is going to befall on the barbaric North American immigrant settlers ?

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