Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Importance to women in Orthodox society ..

Pope Francis washing feet of woman refugee, 25 March 2016 ..
A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way  - John C. Maxwell
Pope Francis, Head of 1200 million

The Catholic church, or at least their Supreme Head has shown the guts three years back to wash the feet of women prisoners from a Roman prison.

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The Catholic church in India has big difference of opinion with Pope Francis who this year will go out of the way and wash refugees feet, including women.

Pope Francis did not wait for a divine revelation to consider women as equals with men. Nowadays in society, more so in Western societies, we find women are the bread winners for the family and men are the parasites. But our male chauvinistic mindset will not permit us to accept this fact and truth in society.
Catholica Bawa of Indian Orthodox
Church, Kottayam, India.

We have a great forward looking Catholicos, but a not so forward looking decision making body. Male chauvinism rules in our churches. Our male chauvinists in the church do not consider women as equals. If we do not consider women as equal to men and do not treat them with respect, a day will come when we will all repent.

Our "elder, sensible" Head Priests should ponder over this and take a fitting decision to uplift half of Indian Orthodox believers, women who constitute 50% of 2 million of them, about ten lakhs. By this action, we are also respecting half of humanity, roughly 3300 million women on planet earth, and give them their due importance in society. 

In our prayers we eulogise and glorify Mother Mary, but we and our church leaders, fail to walk the talk. Our greatest mistake !!

It is high time we rectify it, lest the future generations point fingers at us.

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