Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Green cricket at chinnaswamy stadium Bangalore- solar panels

The eastern roof of the stadium has solar panels
view of the solar panels..
India is going ahead with the solar power plant atop the Chinnaswamy stadium in Bangalore India making it the first cricket stadium in the world to do so. The 0.4 MW solar power plant built at a cost of rs 3 crores has a payback period of 5 years and the remaining 20 years there will no expense for energy purpose.

Presently only 30% of energy is being harvested by solar means, by placing solar panels on the eastern roof of the stadium. By placing panels on the western side of the roof, the power generation is being planned to be increased to 1.2 MW.

With an efficient waste water and effluent treatment plant along with effective rain water conservation systems, this stadium is a model of a green stadium in the world.

Way to go ..

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