Thursday, March 17, 2016

Dr. Roshan John of TCS Bangalore and his budding driverless car research ..

Tata Nano Autonomous ..
Meet Bangalore based Dr Roshan John and his robotic team from TCS. 

Will he surprise the world with his cost innovation model and idea ingenuity like ISRO did with Mangalyaan ? PM Modi and Cyrus Mistry, Ratan Tata team  should go out of the way and support this individual and his great team .. Tata Motors gets great publicity when Roshan himself speaks of the superior design features of Tata Nano like the rear engine design and compact shape !!
Roshan (centre) and his team

Lot of our fellow opinionated Indians who have migrated to other lands in search of money and riches will opine that Roshan is too silly competing with the likes of Google. They also want that his idea fails, so that they can walk around holding their heads high saying, nothing ever solid can come out of India.
Nano driverless car on Bangalore roads

Like the ISRO Mangalyaan, which rubbished all NASA claims of exclusivity and top notch research, we are sure Roshan and team this time, can display once again the great Indian brains, cost innovation potential and shame the prejudiced developed world ..

Our Best Wishes !!

Roshy's robot blog video ..

(all pic courtesy Deccan Chronicle, Bangalore.)


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