Thursday, March 17, 2016

Let the real kingfisher fly away - End of Mallya and Kingfisher saga ..

Let the real Kingfisher fly away !!
The "easy" money earned by Vittal Mallya and handed over to his son Vijay Mallya and through him to grandson Sidharth Mallya by their liquor business, is but a reflection of the sordid tale of lives and families that have been destroyed and broken by liquor.. !!

The curse of a million families who continue to suffer .. The Mallyas cannot wash their hands off the bad name they have earned and disservice done to society to make a quick buck.

The father son duo, due to wrong choices they took at different stages in their life, are undergoing the consequences now.

Beware, every choice has a consequence !
My advice to other liquor barons is, you can make quick money, but beware, the consequences will chase you through your life. One can flaunt the ill wealth no doubt, and can flaunt it for some time, but one will be held accountable for all one's actions into the future. 

Make the choices most beneficial to fellow
humans, you wont have to repent for it one day !
So be fair and upright in your choices, make intelligent choices, let it be beneficial to society, the consequences will also be palatable.


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