Monday, February 29, 2016

Penalising an honest bureaucrat, not a single chargesheet been filed against Chief Secretary ..

The people of the state of Kerala in India are at a loss to understand the following issues :

1. Why has the opposition in the Kerala legislative assembly, in spite of being ruling for two terms since the Palmolein case in 1991, not cared to file a single chargesheet against the Chief Secretary in the same case ?

2. The allegation is that Kerala govt under K. Karunakaran bought palmoil for $ 405/quintal from the Malaysian firm. When the same palmoil has been bought by West Bengal govt under Jyoti Basu for $407/quintal, has the hon. leader of opposition in Kerala cared to find out why no allegation of corruption has been raised against Jyoti Basu in West Bengal ?

3. Even when the CS made the observation that he had made notings on the file that the purchase of Palmoil at $405/quintal was high and should be looked into, even when the two top bureacrats were being taken out of the case by the intervention of the court, why did hon. LoO Achuthanandan still want to create a smokescreen and retail them in the loop as if these senior bureaucrats were responsible for the loss of Rs 2.5 crores and need to be punished ? 

4. Having understood the delay in filing the chargesheet for a case that has been politically dragged over the past 25 years, why has the public not been given a chance to understand the truth about the case and get it settled once for all ? 

I am sure one day all these issues will be brought to the open and the opposition in the state will be taken to task by the people themselves. I am very confident the people of Kerala will see through this ploy of opposition parties to charge an innocent person and not permit him to lead a peaceful retired life.

Former CS till then continues to give his best to the state for its development and rapid progress.
There has never been a golden period for Kerala than when the duo of CM Oommen Chandy and CS Jiji Thomson worked together for the growth, progress and development of the state. 

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