Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Pazhankanji .. Fermented rice ..

Pazhankanji - it is the best breakfast for the hard working tropical climate individual ..

Read to link to know abt the health benefits of fermented rice / soaked rice porridge ..
Quote :

  • American Nutrition Association has listed the following health benefits of consuming soaked rice:
  • Consuming this rice for breakfast keeps the body light and energetic.
  • Beneficial bacteria for the body get produced in abundance.
  • Stomach ailments disappear, as excessive and harmful heat trapped in the body is neutralized.
  • Being high in fiber, it cures constipation and dullness in the body.
  • Blood pressure is normalized and hypertension subsides appreciably.
  • Body feels less tired as a result of which one feels fresh throughout the day.
  • Removes allergy-induced problems and skin-related ailments.
  • Removes all types of ulcers in the body.
  • Fresh infections are kept at bay.
  • It helps in maintaining youthful and radiant look.
So, do not throw away that extra rice you had cooked. It could be the healthiest breakfast you will ever have.
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