Saturday, February 27, 2016

Muziris, ancient culture being revealed today 27 Feb 2016

The great history of Muchiri or Muziris or Cranganore being opened up to the world ..
Muziris, image courtesy

2500 years before Christ walked in Palestine, India already had inherited a great culture, heritage and civilization which was rich in knowledge, respect of other cultures, mutual understanding and material prosperity..

The Indian President today opens up Kerala heritage in Cranganore that enriched this coast 2500 years before Christ ..

India rising intellectually and culturally from the past ! The Muziris heritage project . Click this link for the news item .

The fact that India had a rich culture and civilization even 2000 years before Aristotle or any of the Greek philosophers walked on our planet, forget Christ, (Christ pales into insignificance), surprises even we Indians. It took a socially responsive and responsible govt in kerala to bring the first phase of this project to the world.  

The fact that during Christ' time, 75% of global GDP was controlled by South Asia and China, with Rome and Egypt, in all their glory and pride  controlling barely 10 -20 % of global GDP, makes me feel pity for the Pharoahs, Jews and the Middle east culture.

From such economically weak setup, Jesus philosophy on life and salvation, to spread around the world and get converts is indeed remarkable.


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