Thursday, February 18, 2016

Iran, oil prices and the Arab world ..

Having suffered all this while under a West imposed oil embargo, is it even remotely fair to expect Iran to cut it's crude oil output?

Let Iran flood the market with its high quality crude, causing a loss of share of other oil producing countries and subsequent crash in global oil prices.

It is but natural for the lazy Arab countries who have exploited since '72 unfairly the global energy boom and caused great hardship to the people of the world, now to suffer consequences of its ill-advised actions.

What one sows, so will he reap !

US and Canada are the world's largest oil producers as of now. Low oil prices, more than forcing the lazy oil shiek to spend less, will energise Indian and Chinese economy and trigger global growth..
After all, why should the world help Islamic State sympathisers from Saudi and Qatar murder more of their countrymen and destabilise that part of the world ?

Is it fair for Arab countries to expect other nations to be fair to them, when all along they have been unfair to the world for 40 years by jacking up prices ?

We are free to choose our paths, but we can't choose the consequences that come with them. - Sean Covey

If economies collapse, if people lose jobs, if global power equations get rewritten, so be it ! After 9/11, US has learnt it the hard way and in seven years have rewritten geopolitical equations ..

Human selfish designs are the cause of all pain and suffering on planet earth. But we humans never learn ..


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