Monday, February 29, 2016

Impact of Muziris on global trade by 500 BC ..

Continuing the series to know our rich heritage, pl read the link for details ..

How rich was the trade between Kerala and the rest of the world, around 500 BC through Muziris in Malabar ..
Earthenware at least 2000 year old from the Pattanam, Cranganore  site
on display at exhibition in Delhi ..

"Gold coins, topaz, coral, copper, glass, wine and wheat were imported from Rome, while pearl, diamonds, sapphire, ivory, silk, pepper and precious stones were exported from the west coast. Casson estimates that a 500-ton ship could have carried goods equivalent to the price of 2,400 acres of fertile farmlands in Egypt. While another archaeologist, Federico Romanis, estimates that one ship carried nothing less than 68,000 gold coins worth of goods."

The Muziris Heritage Project phase I, inaugurated by the President of India on Saturday 27 Feb, 2016 can catapult Kerala to world trade annals and throw more light on how prosperous and culturally superior were our forefathers then !

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