Wednesday, February 17, 2016

(Fasle) Cries of a malayali .. what a pity !!

Malayali's main occupation within Kerala ..
How will he ever improve ??
Here are the cries of a malayali, who does not want to work in his own land, loves to work for others !!  does not use his hand to scratch his body even ..

Even now he wants oil price to rise and blames the entire world except himself.. What a shame !!

Click on this link for the Malayalam copy of letter from a malayali ..

In his good times he never pays tax in India and in his hard times, he expects help from India as his birthright ! Mother India is not that harsh, it is ready to give a helping hand, but it has to assess many other things and situations before taking a stand. |The hungry millions in this country are more important than the rich and selfish malayali NRI returning after a job loss..

Even after all this trouble, our gulf returnees will still not use their brains to work in Kerala, out of false ego and pride.

Bengali and Oriya casual workers will still send back upto Rs. 50,000 every month, when our own people, the most enterprising tribe in the world, will not work within Kerala and will only keep whining and  complaining !

Let this crisis force malayalis to do a rethink on the virtue and value of hard intelligent work within Kerala like entrepreneurship, organic farming etc..

Malayalis will once again come out of this crisis with flying colours, because they are hard working and have lot of self respect ! 🙏🙏

Click on this link for the Malayalam copy of letter from a malayali ..


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