Thursday, January 07, 2016

Interesting session at ASC Centre, Bangalore for Company Commanders ..

An earlier pic, class for Colonels at ASC .. Never in my life
have I engaged classes with students seated in easy chairs, 
but very gentlemanly in their approach .. :)
Classes for senior army officers have always enticed me from the beginning, because we are interacting with some of the finest men in the country. I always considered it my privilege to be able to do so..

I have been getting this golden opportunity for the past three years, four to five hours every month where I used to interact with senior officers from the Armed Supply Corps (ASC HQ at Bangalore) of the Indian Army on topics as varied as Inventory Management, Supply Chains, Transportation, Total Quality Management, Warehousing etc.

On 5 th January, 2016, I had a class with the Company Commanders on the topic of Inventory Management. Even though I went with the preparation to play the Beer Distribution Supply Chain game, I could not due to the fact that the basics of Inventory Management itself took time. 

ASC logo ..
The session went simply fine, but what greatly motivated me was when at the end of the class I asked the senior officers, that I would not leave them unless they asked me a couple of questions. Initially they hesitated then the barrage of questions started.

The question answer session was the most interesting session, which made the classes worth teaching. There was so much exchange of information among ourselves, that even the non-interested would be dragged in and would give a comment or two.

It was a great learning session both for me and the Company commanders of ASC. 

To be able to take classes for senior officers of the Army of our age and then to engage them creatively and attentively for the duration of almost two hours and at the end get their appreciation by a standing ovation, is the greatest gift for the teacher, not money or perks, but recognition from the students.

I have been getting it all the while and am basking in its warmth !!


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