Saturday, January 16, 2016

Rafale fighter jets and Indian Air-defence preparedness, at what costs ?

Does Indian airforce really need all those Dassault Rafale fighters for Rs 60,000 crores ?

Is France and the West ditching us by pulling us into the deep cauldron of defence expenditure so that we will never rise again ? 

We can convert more than one thousand international and national airports and other super critical applications around the country to complete 100% solar energy with this money.

Air-defence preparedness at what cost ??
Couldn't we have avoided this expenditure totally for the good of the country ? For development ?

What if we delay air force modernisation by another five years by embarking on effective, peace seeking and non-provocative foreign policies ?

Usually, the trap in which nations fall, to the delight of the west, goes like this.. When we buy from the French out of fear of an ageing hardware, our neighbours would buy from other western powers. Finally billions of dollars would still flow to the west. The same west would come again with more logical reasons like making an effective deterrence etc and pull us deeper into the trap. Finally the west would have the last laugh walking to the bank ..

Should we remain dumb or see thru this devious plot by the west on us ?
Somewhere somebody has to pull the plug ! Let India demonstrate the courage to expose the western plot. This is where our IFS officers can show their innovation and smartness, not maintain status quo ! Our officers are capable and they can. 

I may appear immature, and out of sync, but still believe that in the long run, aggression can still be contained by peace and tact !! Somehow the flow of dollars to the west should stop, I would welcome if it stops completely, even it should not flow in reverse to the east.


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  1. One air attack from China and/or Pakistan can completely wipe out India's rise for decades. Nehru take the "Peace" approach with China in the fiftees. One Chinese attack decapitated India's rise for next fifty years. India must have Rafale, Su35, or F-35 in several squadrons to protect India. UPA should have signed the contract with Dussault for 126 jets for 12 billion USD in 2007. India would have been in a much better shape today. But Mode needs to do something. NO CHOICE!


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