Thursday, January 14, 2016

Prof. Jagdish Sheth, speech at Alliance University ..

Prof. Jagdish Sheth,  humility personified.

It was very pleasing to listen to a great Management Marketing guru speak this morning at Alliance University Bangalore. Prof. Jasgdish Sheth, Marketing Professor at Emory University, US, is the Chairman Board of Governors of Alliance University Bangalore.

This time he spoke on how to build and nurture great global Universities .. I was fortunate enough to listen to him .. Building a world-class University ..

He spoke of 8 important points which will help every institute to become a global leader

1. A University must not only be involved in knowledge dissemination, but in knowledge creation and knowledge dissemination
2. benchmark the faculty performance to global standards - ensure global standards in content preparation and delivery and also encourage facuklty to go for more global publication (in reputed peer-reviewed journals)
3. Strong community outreach programmes in the University to be more responsive to community needs
4. Top universities eventually get to have a say in formulating public policies..
5. Top Universities have great global diversity, they tend to have good number of foreign students
6. these universities also have a strong and loyal alumni
7. they also have strong world class library with world class infrastructure
8. they believe in creating a brand through differentiation ..

The plateauing of institutions and individuals is a great negative point which hampers the growth of both.

The University needs to do more value add, not just have great students !! ( IITs in India get great students, but do we do great value add for these brilliant students, that they finally run away to other great universities..)

Finally, the university needs to move with a strategic intent, to take the university to world stage and try everything in one's quiver to accomplish this...


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