Monday, January 11, 2016

India and US, approach to terrorism ..

Let us analyse US and Indian response to recent incidents of terrorism.

US, an accepted superpower, with an immature culture and an infant 
 democracy, misstepped many times in the past, the burdens of which they are still carrying on in modern day Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and Syria.

India, on the other hand, peace loving, takes time to respond. Aggression and haughtiness is not in our blood.  We know even our greatest enemy can turn around with a change of heart. 

We may have had many a heart burn, but we believe in intelligent moves, with an eye on future global peace, not immediate selfish concerns.

You will know finally, in the run of time, who will withstand aggression and who will prevail.

Peace comes not from the barrel of the gun or from power, but from intelligence and a genuine love for humanity .. 😃🙏👍

I do not expect India to follow the dumb Americans, who are in a deep abyss from which they can never climb up and the Israelis who are in deeper shit, living with a gun to their head.

Violence only begets more violence, handle violence with peace and understanding for a lasting and intelligent solution .. 


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