Thursday, January 07, 2016

How the big three would fare, 35 years hence..

World Bank came up with reports that India would grow by 7.8% this year. Narayana Murthy, the person who founded Infosys from Bangalore was saying that this decade for India is going to be the decade of entrepreneurship.

Lot of new enterprises would come up and many would survive creating jobs and wealth, helping improve standard of living and development of the economy.

I did some calculations based on the present estimates from international agencies as to how the big three economies are growing and extrapolated it to 2050. AD. Here are my rough forecasts ..

From the present 2015 figures of $8.4 trillion GDP at PPP for India, India would reach $110 trillion in 2050 AD

China from the present $ 18.5 trillion growing at 5% would reach $ 99 trillion in 2050.

US from the present $18 trillion now, growing at the rate of 2% would hit $43.9 trillion in 2050 AD.

Sounds interesting ...

This is called positive thinking and we Indians have lots of them. Since we only wish well for others, only good things will happen to us.


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