Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Why the West will always trail India in cost innovation ?

In innovation literature rarely is cost innovation given as much importance as it should have been. An extravagant society, ignorant and dumb of a bleak future, which is planning its own downfall, rarely wants to look at anything that is even remotely mentioning costs.

Why ?

Not possessing Cost centered technological superiority is a great demotivator for any economy. If one pumps in any amount of money, polluting the environment and damaging it beyond recognition, acting selfish and increasing carbon footprint beyond any redemption, it is bad for that community and society. Exactly how the west is claiming progress and is feeling threatened presently.

The world knows why the West never wants to mention of cost based innovation, now or into the future, because they are a big failure there. They can never reach anywhere near the cost gains of giants India and China, be it solar energy harnessing for super critical applications or planning superior low cost space voyages and many other. 

Good for the world and humanity !!


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