Saturday, December 05, 2015

Why US does not walk the talk on Climate treaties..

The most polluting nation on planet earth, United States, does not want to walk the talk on any climate treaties. Instead it takes great pride in flexing its muscles at different venues of the world and exhorts other nations to take cuts, but not for themselves.

Why should the rogue nation of United States try its stunts on the rest of the world. After Australia with 30 T annual per capita CO2 equivalent emissions, US is next with 28 T annual per capita CO2 emissions. China is way back with about 8T per capita and India with 1.7 T per capita CO2 emissions.

If rogue nations are not ready to accept emission cuts, then the other stronger nations of the world should force them to fall in line. The question is who will bell the cat, US who refuses to accept any type of emission control ?

If US is so adamant that it will continue to spit out and damage the earth's atmosphere by unregulated CO2 emissions, the world should isolate it from all international climate talks.

Is it a difficult thing for the rest of the world to do ? If a nation like US insists on playing truant and cause untold hardship to the earth and hold it at ransom, the rest of the world should remain firm and get it to toe the international stand, even by force..

It will not be far when the world will have its sway to control this errant and devious country, US. The supposed keepers of the world's conscience, they are one of the worlds morally corrupt nation, even with a black American holding the President's office for the past six years.

 Is it high time to club US with the rogue nation of North Korea ?  Nations may be emitting dangerous gases, but they must be ready to accept their mistakes and see that it is not repeated for the better future of planet earth.

Will the rest of the world bell the cat ? Time will tell ..


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