Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Who cares for the environment more ?

Even though he believes in keeping his surroundings clean and hygienic (showing off ?), an average American pollutes the world ten times more than an average Indian !!  Carbon footprint (CO2 equivalent emissions) per capita of 17 tonnes annually compared to 1.7 tonnes CO2 emissions per capita for an average Indian !

If we look at total country emissions, US gives out 314m x 17 T = 5.8 trillion T while
India gives out 1200m x 1.7 T = 2 trillion T ..

US still pollutes three times as much as India !! Also, US is not signatory to any of the climate change aƧcords. 

Still, who cares ?? 

Who cares for planet earth more ?

Even with this 1.7 tonnes for India, we are trying to reduce our footprint, because we are blessed with a great intellect, a fabulous, rich and oldest civilization, marvellous culture and abundant goodwill for humanity !

Those who can, let them think !!



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